December 8, 2017  Dr. Shiau receives a 2018 RJ Reynolds Junior Faculty Development Award from the Provost Office at UNC.

December 2017  The Shiau Lab cheers to the end of the year and start of next!


July 20, 2017  Dr. Shiau awarded a 5-year Outstanding Early-Stage Investigator NIH MIRA grant from NIGMS!  The MIRA mechanism provides flexibility for NIGMS-supported investigators to pursue innovative and important research directions.  The Shiau Lab will use this award to study the genetic and metabolic regulation of macrophage activation in vivo using zebrafish and other systems.  This has implications for the design of macrophage-targeted technologies for controlling inflammatory processes and addressing health challenges related to immune dysregulation.

July 14, 2017  The Shiau Lab celebrates research at the Top of the Hill.

2017_07_14 TOPO Shiau Lab lunch

May 19, 2017  Graduate student Alison presents a talk on “Dynamic roles of macrophages in the nervous system” at the annual Pierre Morell Neuroscience Retreat at the Haw River State Summit.

April 12, 2017   Dr. Shiau presents a talk on “Decoding Macrophage Biology in Health and Disease” at the annual 2017 Triangle Zebrafish Group Meeting.  Shiau Lab is excited to connect with all the local zebrafish enthusiasts and potential collaborators!

April 7, 2017  Congratulations to Sagar Patel who has been awarded the Carolina Medical Student Research Fellowship to work on an exciting project in the Shiau Lab this summer!  CMSRP is funded through NIDDK.

April 2017   Dr. Shiau and the lab are invited and attend the fourth annual retreat for Neuoimmunology and Glia Group at Duke (hosted by Dr. Cagla Eroglu).  Alison and Mary Kate present their work in the poster session!

February 2017   First year rotation students Connor Wander and Elliott Wyatt join the lab!

January 2017    Dr. Shiau has been selected to speak at the inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Neuroimmune Communication in Health and Disease in Ventura, CA!  She is so thrilled and excited about this meeting.

December 2016   Article about Dr. Shiau and the lab research is published in the Fall 2016 edition “Designing the Cure” of the Carolina Scientific magazine. Check it out at :

December 10, 2016   Holiday party for the lab!

October 18, 2016   First-ever lab barbeque to celebrate the lab beginnings and enjoy the beautiful fall season of Chapel Hill out in the back woods.


October 2016   Undergraduate students Samed Delic and Carly Onnink join the lab!

September 2016  First year rotation student Christiann Hill joins the lab!

August 19, 2016   Farewell dinner party for Yan at Luche Tigre as he prepares his return to Boston. Yan has been an integral undergraduate member of the Shiau Lab since its inception in the Fall of 2015.  He will be missed!


August 15, 2016   Shiau Lab getting to know the UNC campus and take some fun group photo shots at landmarks of UNC-CH.


August 12, 2016   Undergraduate student Maggie Cai joins the Shiau Lab!

July 2016  Shiau Lab kicks off with Alison, Yan, and Mary Kate setting up research for the first summer at UNC!

July 2016   Dr. Shiau starts her lab at UNC-Chapel Hill.  The move was successful with support from many dedicated lab members including her first graduate student Alison Earley, newly hired research assistant Mary Kate Christiansen, and technician Keri Sullivan taking care of the Boston side.