Shiau Lab Group Photos

Shiau Lab Group, October 2022– our first Halloween team fish t-shirts uniquely us!

Shiau Lab Group, April 2022

Shiau Lab Group, Dec 2021

Shiau Lab Group, Spring 2021

First-time out as a fully vaccinated group since the start of Covid-19 over a year ago!

Shiau Lab Group, Fall 2020

Shiau Lab Group, Summer 2020

It may take more than a tinge of imagination to take us out to space and places we love. This is one way we can connect with everyone besides by the work we do! Keep checking back for more photos …

Shiau Lab Group, April 2020

During COVID-19, we all learn and see the world a little differently. We are still staying virtually connected. We strive to make the most of today to better prepare for tomorrow.

We are still creating and making things happen. Do you see what it is?
This is the closest we can get for a group photo this year!

Shiau Lab Group, April 2019

Go Zebra-Shiau-Lab!

Shiau Lab Group, October 2018


Shiau Lab Group, April 2018


Shiau Lab Group, July 2017


Shiau Lab Group at UNC-Chapel Hill, August 2016


Shiau Lab Group at Boston College (where we began), 2015-2016